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If you have been dreaming of purchasing your first classic vehicle or adding to an already extensive collection, look to us for exceptional classic and exotic cars and classic trucks to fulfill your vision.


Classic vehicles are defined as being built between 1925 and 1948. Let us show you that this distinction goes beyond age to discerning definitions of quality, performance and capability.

Classic cars are considered classic for a reason. The impeccable styling and incredible opportunity for customization shows the past is still relevant today.

Call us today to ask about our current inventory of classic vehicles.


A vintage classic vehicle that has been meticulously restored to look exactly as it would in its original form is a thing of beauty. Creating a hot rod or rat rod, however, gives your vehicle your personal touch.


Craft your vehicle into your ideal vision

We enjoy very low overhead, which is a benefit that we happily extend to you, charging no dealership or document fees.

Low overhead:

A benefit we extend to you